Required deposit - 50 USD

Structural turnover - 10 000 USD

1 level 9%
2 level 4%
3 level 2%
4 level 1%
Deposit bonus - 0%
Bonus - 1000 USD

By registering an account, you become a member of the Gratex holding. You can use the platform both to acquire long-term passive income and to build your own collective fund. Upon reaching the first 10,000 USD, Gratex rewards its leaders with the «Beginner» status, a one-time payment of 1,000 USD and Gratex merchandise. Making a personal deposit is not a necessary action on this stage.

Required deposit - 1 000 USD

Structural turnover - 25 000 USD

1 level 9%
2 level 4%
3 level 2%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
Deposit bonus - 1%
Bonus - 2000 USD

The «Technologist» status is assigned upon reaching the fund size of USD 25,000, with a personal deposit starting at USD 1,000. The leaders receive an additional increase to the referral bonus, an extra 0.5% to each subsequent balance replenishment, as well as a one-time reward of 2,000 USD. Each leader receives a personal invitation to attend events organized by the Gratex holding.

Required deposit - 3 000 USD

Structural turnover - 100 000 USD

1 level 11%
2 level 6%
3 level 1%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
Deposit bonus - 2%
Bonus - 15000 USD

«Innovators» are the driving mechanism of Gratex. A personal deposit of $ 3,000 and a total fund size of $ 100,000 empowers leaders to have a referral system 11% -6% -1% -1% -1%, an additional 2% of each subsequent balance top-up and a one-time reward of 15,000 US dollars. The status provides you with the privilege to invite your leaders to every event organized by the Gratex holding. Also, you get a personal invitation to tech-exhibitions and presentations of the holding's projects.

Required deposit - 5 000 USD

Structural turnover - 300 000 USD

1 level 12%
2 level 6%
3 level 1%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
6 level 0.5%
Deposit bonus - 3%
Bonus - 50000 USD

«Nanoleader» is awarded for a personal turnover of 5,000 USD and a total fund size of 300,000 USD, the leaders receive additional bonuses for their structure, namely, an increased referral system 12% -6% -1% -1% -1% -0.5%, a personal one-time bonus 50,000 USD and an automatic extra 3% add-on to all subsequent replenishments. Each Nanoleader has the opportunity to apply for the organization of Gratex events, with all relevant expenses covered by the financial department of the Holding.

Required deposit - 10 000 USD

Structural turnover - 1 000 000 USD

1 level 12%
2 level 6%
3 level 1%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
6 level 0.5%
7 level 0.5%
Deposit bonus - 4%
Bonus - 100000 USD

«Macroleader» or as they say in the holding "a million behind." Upon reaching a total turnover of 1,000,000 USD, you get the opportunity to choose scientific research and development of graphene technologies, organize exhibitions and events about implemented projects and invite all declared partners. The status also include a one-time bonus of 100,000 USD, an increased referral system with the addition of new levels and extra 4% to each balance replenishment.

Frequently asked questions

This section contains all frequently asked questions and answers to them. Please read if you have any questions. In case your question is not answered in this section, kindly get in touch with the Support Team.

How can the activities of the Gratex be briefly described?

The main areas of our business are the development and improvement of graphene technologies. We provide an opportunity to invest in these developments and make a profit for investors. You can read more about our activities in the "About us".

Does the company work legally?

The company policy is subject to the laws of the countries where the researches are conducted, as well as in accordance with international legislation governing the commercial relationship of international corporate business entities and permits for the use of patent technologies. All the activities are regulated by the relevant official permits, licenses and regulations of the countries concerned.

What do I need to start cooperation with your company?

All You need is either register on our official website or visit our main/affiliate office. Therefore, You become a full participant in our investment activity and can invest in graphene research or technologies of our company.

When registering, I indicated my personal data. How safe is it?

We do not disclose the personal information that we collect about you, except as described in this Website Privacy Policy or our Website Cookie Policy, as well as with respect to human rights. EED (European Endowment for Democracy).

Is it secure to invest? is located on a safety dedicated server with higher-level protection from any kinds of DDoS, hacks, and other types of attacks; the website uses reliable antivirus tools. All data is encrypted by SSL-protocol. These protection methods meet all the requirements to comply with for internet-security.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 1$ (or equivalent in cryptocurrency 0.0006 BTC).

How may I make a deposit?

Log in Your Personal Account and replenish Your balance with the amount You plan to invest. Then, using our friendly and simple website interface select an investment plan You like by clicking a respective button. You can also visit one of our offices and conclude an investment agreement.

How long will it take to get the first profit after I deposit?

Once a deposit is made, the first accrual of interest will be available for withdrawal to Your account in 24 hours. Read more about this in the "Investment offer" section.

Can I create two or more Personal Accounts? *

Multiple registration is prohibited. Each investor can have only one Personal Account.

Can I transfer funds to a different investment plan after depositing with another one?

No, this option is not available. If you have already opened a deposit, it cannot be transferred to another investment plan until the end of the term.

What are the conditions of accrual by the company investment plans?

We offer two options for accrual. You can have accruals on a daily basis, including weekends. Or, alternatively, accruals are made only at the end of the deposit period.

Where can I see information about money earned and active deposits?

You can any time control your investments just in Your Personal Account. Simply log in to Your Personal Account and find out information about earned funds and active deposits. This information is on the home page of Your Personal Account.

Can I change the email address I provided during registration?

For e-mail address changing, you have to create a request to our Support team indicating the reason for the change. The company reserves the right to demand proof that You are the owner of the corresponding Personal Account which email address to be changed.

Where can I see the details of my referral structure?

You can find information about Your referral structure in the "Partners" section of Your Personal Account.

Can I change my upline?

Yes, You can. In order to change Your inviter, You have to create a request to our Support team indicating the reason of change. Also, indicate the username of the inviter You want to see as Your new upline.

What are the working hours of the support team and how to contact them?

Our support team’s working hours: 10.00 to 18.00 GMT + 0. Days off: Saturday and Sunday. However, even on weekends, we do not leave our investors without help. If You have a question on a weekend, You can still contact the support team by creating a corresponding ticket.

Can I top up my personal account via Visa, Master Card, or PayPal?

Yes, but unfortunately this is not available in all regions. Contact our support team to find out about the options of replenishment in Your region.

I lost my Gratex Card. Can it be reissued?

Yes, it can. You will have to contact our operator and go through the verification procedure. Your lost card will be blocked, so You can only reactivate it after receiving a new one.

How can I get my Gratex Gard?

You can receive your card either at any of our offices or via courier delivery service, or by post to your address.

I have a great idea concerning graphene. What should I do?

You should contact our patent department with detailed studies.

Can I invest in my research?

Yes, you can get a research grant from Gratex, as well as selectively attract investments for the development of your technologies.

Can I open several deposits in my personal account?

Yes, the number of active deposits in one account is not limited.

What funds are considered after achieving a certain turnover of a structure?

All active deposits of your partners are considered.

I am worried about my payments. What security measures does the company undertake?

Our finance department complies with all respective standards, e.g. certified by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Also, once a quarter, the international company Sysnet Global Solutions conducts an audit.

I want to purchase graphene. How can I do this?

You can purchase the material itself in our personal account or order in our laboratories. Gratex Card holders have the opportunity to purchase a certificate for material through a special program Gratex Graphene community *

Can I replenish my account through ATMs /self-service terminals?

Yes, You can do it through the terminals developed by the Middleware system.

Can I attract public and private equity investments in my research?

Yes, you can do it, but you will need to complete the Grt 77/6796 blank. These can be obtained through the finance department or directly at the head office of the company.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, I cannot continue my research. Scientists are prohibited from entering my country.

You need to contact the research department for more information. Also, the finance department provides a coverage program based on the rating of your study.

What percentage of the finished technology is donated to a charity?

1.5% of all profits from graphene technology go to charitable foundations.

What foundations do you donate to?

Foundations that most closely related to the production of this technology.

Can I get cashback from buying graphene?

Yes, depending on the number of material certificates. The maximum cashback is 15%. You can get cashback either to Your Gratex Card or to Your personal account, or to Your visa / mastercard. Please note that when you receive cashback on your visa / master card, it’s Your responsibility to pay all the income taxes of Your national state.

Attention! Due to the fight against Internet fraud, we recommend investing only through Gratex.IO. You have the right to request a patent license number and check it through Your operator or at our company offices.

*each investor has the right to use only personal payment details.

Still have questions? Contact our support through the “Contacts”. section.