Required deposit - 50 USD

Structural turnover - 10 000 USD

1 level 9%
2 level 4%
3 level 2%
4 level 1%
Deposit bonus - 0%
Bonus - 1000 USD

By registering an account, you become a member of the Gratex holding. You can use the platform both to acquire long-term passive income and to build your own collective fund. Upon reaching the first 10,000 USD, Gratex rewards its leaders with the «Beginner» status, a one-time payment of 1,000 USD and Gratex merchandise. Making a personal deposit is not a necessary action on this stage.

Required deposit - 1 000 USD

Structural turnover - 25 000 USD

1 level 9%
2 level 4%
3 level 2%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
Deposit bonus - 1%
Bonus - 2000 USD

The «Technologist» status is assigned upon reaching the fund size of USD 25,000, with a personal deposit starting at USD 1,000. The leaders receive an additional increase to the referral bonus, an extra 0.5% to each subsequent balance replenishment, as well as a one-time reward of 2,000 USD. Each leader receives a personal invitation to attend events organized by the Gratex holding.

Required deposit - 3 000 USD

Structural turnover - 100 000 USD

1 level 11%
2 level 6%
3 level 1%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
Deposit bonus - 2%
Bonus - 15000 USD

«Innovators» are the driving mechanism of Gratex. A personal deposit of $ 3,000 and a total fund size of $ 100,000 empowers leaders to have a referral system 11% -6% -1% -1% -1%, an additional 2% of each subsequent balance top-up and a one-time reward of 15,000 US dollars. The status provides you with the privilege to invite your leaders to every event organized by the Gratex holding. Also, you get a personal invitation to tech-exhibitions and presentations of the holding's projects.

Required deposit - 5 000 USD

Structural turnover - 300 000 USD

1 level 12%
2 level 6%
3 level 1%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
6 level 0.5%
Deposit bonus - 3%
Bonus - 50000 USD

«Nanoleader» is awarded for a personal turnover of 5,000 USD and a total fund size of 300,000 USD, the leaders receive additional bonuses for their structure, namely, an increased referral system 12% -6% -1% -1% -1% -0.5%, a personal one-time bonus 50,000 USD and an automatic extra 3% add-on to all subsequent replenishments. Each Nanoleader has the opportunity to apply for the organization of Gratex events, with all relevant expenses covered by the financial department of the Holding.

Required deposit - 10 000 USD

Structural turnover - 1 000 000 USD

1 level 12%
2 level 6%
3 level 1%
4 level 1%
5 level 1%
6 level 0.5%
7 level 0.5%
Deposit bonus - 4%
Bonus - 100000 USD

«Macroleader» or as they say in the holding "a million behind." Upon reaching a total turnover of 1,000,000 USD, you get the opportunity to choose scientific research and development of graphene technologies, organize exhibitions and events about implemented projects and invite all declared partners. The status also include a one-time bonus of 100,000 USD, an increased referral system with the addition of new levels and extra 4% to each balance replenishment.



Step by step, we are changing life on Earth. Space is the next target.

The world is constantly changing due to technological progress through which humanity can have new products and services. Revolutions, in most cases, took place owing to the discovery of raw materials with unique properties that changed the world forever. This was the case with semiconductors, oil, and uranium. Now, the world is on the verge of an incredible change thanks to a new raw material - graphene.

Gratex stands at the origins of the widespread introduction of raw materials into various spheres of human activity. Our team, even before the mass production of this unique material, found already profitable investment areas. Scientists are developing technologies to reduce the cost of graphene production, so it is beneficial for all of us to be at the forefront with reliable partners and have a ready-to-go business.

Gratex - What Gratex invests in

Thanks to its unique properties, graphene is applicable in many branches of science, business, and daily life. In 2014, CSIRO experts proposed a graphene mass production method. According to CSIRO representatives, the developed technology will allow to abandon expensive multi-stage water purification methods and can lead to a breakthrough in solving the problem of drinking water shortage.

A team of researchers led by Michael Lisanti published an article in “Oncotarget” on how graphene oxide selectively targets cancer-related stem cells. During the study, the scientists evaluated the effects of graphene, with positive results in all cases. It is assumed that graphene may be effective in a wide range of tumors.

The thermoelectric effect for graphene is way more advanced than resistive ohmic heating, which in the future would make possible the creating of circuits on its basis with no need in cooling. Such circuits are used in computer engineering; similar circuits were applied on the cargo spacecraft Dragon XL and Starship SN4.

Our ambition

We do not just love our work, we completely surrender ourselves to what we sincerely believe in, and this returns to us doubly. We believe in success and opportunities on the horizon. Companies that are among the first to enter the market with a competent approach become giants.

We are confident in our future and the future of our partners.

Expert team

Gratex is led by of experts in the analysis of promising technological solutions

  • Dr. Ali Shaygan Nia


  • Dr. Kari Hjelt

    Head of Innovation Technologies

  • Dr. Ken Teo

    Head of Development Department

  • Fabrizio Tubertini

    Senior Innovation Strategist and Business

  • Cinzia Spinato

    Business Development

  • Henrik Sandberg

    Professor of Decision and Control Systems

  • Lilei Ye

    Business Developer for Asian countries

  • Nathan Feddy

    Graphene Engineering Innovator


    Processing orders from the central office


    Vertical management and implementation of regulations


    Own research&expertise department


    Effective software for customers and employees


Gratex - What else Gratex invests in

The diverse spectrum of graphene properties has opened up the possibility for us to apply our technologies almost everywhere. The South Korean group of companies “SamsungGroup” and the Chinese “Huawei Technologies Com” were among the first to apply our developments in the global smartphone market. Graphene batteries along with new elastic screens enhance competitiveness and radically change the leadership position among the industry giants.

One of the best niches where graphene has shown itself is medicine. Artificial leather, nano prosthetics of organs, graphene implants, etc. What was a fantasy yesterday is now a reality! One of the largest foundations "The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" funded the creation of graphene condoms and a number of other projects that are currently being researched.

Graphene clothing is not a myth. SlashPro body vests are already available on online marketplaces as well as Vollebak ‘perpetual jackets’ which are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Clothing with similar properties is used in many departments and special services in different countries.

The use of high-strength, incredibly flexible and light material has provided a host of opportunities for auto and aeronautical engineers. At the moment, a number of projects are being funded to create a uniquely new, heavy-duty and safe transport